I am sorry again. I haven't had computer access for a few days, so no album art is available for upload. I'll describe it. It's a 2 fold cardboard case, like a book cover, but cd case size. There are pockets in both sides. I mod-podged matte photos for the cover and back artwork, and I will (not done yet) print out some (hopefully color) paper inserts with lyrics to go in the left pocket on the inside, with the white cd on the other side. On the cd I have stamped my name, and the name of the album. I like how it came out, and it is pretty easy to replicate. An idea that popped into my head today is the image of a timelapse photographed cloudy sky, with rolling hills of paper moving across the bottom half of the screen, and running characters zooming by. Not sure where they are going, but I'd like to make that soon.

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