No-Plan Hombre

Oh hi there,
You caught me eating my breakfast. Have you heard of the RPM Challenge? It is a challenge to write and record an entire album (10 songs or 35 minutes) in a month, February to be exact. My friend Dave (http://DavidRichardson.rpmchallenge.com/) has done it the past three years and I finally jumped on to do it this year. I came up with 10 songs, clocking in at about 27 minutes. The main instruments I used were my ukulele, drum machine, elec/bass guitar, and maracas. And kazoo on one song. Much of the inspiration came from learning the uke, hip hop drums, and not working much that month. It's called "No-Plan Hombre". Now I just want to finish up writing another two songs that either were cut early on or thought up shortly after, and re-record one whole song and a few tidbits of the album here and there. A couple bass parts and maybe some vocals here and there. Not going for perfection, just want to make things a little better. Anyways, you can listen to what I came up with in February here: http://samuelmulligan.rpmchallenge.com/

I'll upload a picture of the cd case tomorrow.

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