Paper/lightbox test

Ah-HA! Another short test with my copy stand. What I did to make this one was I manipulated two sheets of construction paper that were positioned on top of my lightbox while it was turned on. Later on I cut up some smaller pieces and moved them around. Then I switched to black and white and put some pinholes in some paper, moving it around under the camera, letting little leaks of light peek through. No flash on the camera, at night, venetian blinds closed, and that's about it. The letters are from the cut-outs I made for the FIimsy Films sign that you can see at the beginning of "Snail Tales", which is in the post directly beneath this post, unless you are viewing it on another page entirely, or you have reached the bottom of this page, which means I've made several posts since this post, which I is inevitable, unless I forget about this blog or forget my password, or never find a computer again, or I get hit by a bus.

p.s. Oh yea, the music in the background is an instrumental version of "Kea", a song by The Oh! My Gods.

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