Compost Shark - New (Old) Album!

Hey! Dave and I started work on re-recording old Compost Shark songs to put together a new album. We made a list of some of our favorites, and now are re-recording them with improved sound quality. We are doing this because we had always planned on doing it. Many of our early recordings were recorded hastily and we were learning how to record at the same time, so they didn't sound all that super. So we thought we had some good, fun songs, and wanted to get some good sounding versions, especially because we never made many copies of our cds and when Napster got sued and all that Metallicrap, we lost our biggest source of distribution. If it sounds good when we finish, we are going to make some physical copies and also put it up on iTunes and other digital distribution sites.

We started work on Kathleen, Celia, Ain't No Phony, Radishes, Shirty, and Crimson Red Car so far. I am not sure if all will make the cut, but they are sounding better and we are going to keep working on them. Those are all the ones that we are using loud guitars and drums for. The rest are more acoustical, and we are going to try and record them over the internet. More updates soon! Enjoy this video in the meantime to hear some un-mixed samples.

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