Brokeback Beach

We decided it would be fun to go to the beach and experience some of the Hurricane Bill waves on Sunday the 23rd this week. They were really awesome, probably 8 or 10 foot high in some instances, and were just too tempting to resist jumping around in. Things were fine just bodysurfing and examining the 8 foot lengths of kelp that had been ripped up by the storm (found one root system with two baby starfish in it!), but then I got the bright idea to just hold my nose and let the waves do whatever they wanted to me. This was very fun for 2 or 3 big waves, and then a BIG wave came and flipped me upside down and I was pushed into the sand hard on my neck and thankfully my head just bent to the side (filling my ear with sand) and then my back twisted at a weird angle and I heard a sound like you make when you crack your knuckle somewhere in my right side lower back. This was shocking and I thought for a second that I had been paralyzed, but thankfully was able to stand right up. After a wince and one moment of self-pity, I continued to play in the waves.

I got home and found that it hurt a lot to get in and out of cars, blow my nose, get in and out of bed, run, walk quickly, or shake out towels. What the crap! I went to the chiropractor on Tuesday and he re-aligned me, but things are still sore and I suspect I separated a rib and pulled a muscle. I missed work all week. On the upside, I have been able to almost complete Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix in one week. This is good because there was a gap in my Harry reading due to it not being available at the library. Oh well. THE OCEAN IS POWERFUL. BE CAREFUL WHEN PLAYING IN WAVES.

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