Soooo, I have been taken brain-hostage by JK Rowling. I've read the first four Harry Cotter books in the past month! 459,975 words! As I am sure you can guess as to what I've been doing outside of work. No need to guess, I'll tell you. I've been reading lots of Harry Po-Po outside of work.

I was going to resume my extra-workicular activities tonight, but the library didn't have The Order of The Phoenix in! What the fraggle! Thus, a short Potter break must take place.

In other exciting news, I got a Gameboy Advance SP and Nanoloop for my Bananniversary! (definition: two-year dating anniversary) Nanoloop hasn't arrived yet, but it will soon, and then I can make bleep-bloop songs. Dave is going to be so pissed when I send him back his recording of "Ode to Maria Shriver" with 14 tracks of bleep-bloop!

Speaking of Dave and Maria Shriver, we are still working on the new Compost Shark album! Dave did a whole bunch of recording over the past month, and it all sounds wicked nice. We successfully transformed a song that we had improvised outside on Dave's porch after midnight... into a beautiful pop gem! Dave has sent me a bunch of tracks to add my touch to, but I have been hanging with Harry Potter too much lately to have been any help... YET! This is the week! THIS IS THE WEEK!

Tomorrow I am going to add some touches. I guess that's all the news I have?

Is it?

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