Bassin' in a basin

Hey! I did more recording tonight! More than I planned! And I'm not done! Dafe is gonna be so proud of me!

I fixed bass for "Prisoner", got a better bass track for "Ain't No Phony", added a bass part to "Odor of Maria Shriver", and added bass to "Soda Can"! Now, I am going to go get my keyboard and try to add some delicate keys to "Odor of Maria's Dive Bar" before I go to sleep.

I also spread a bunch of gravel! And ate ice cream! And skipped dinner! Unintentionally!

This album is gonna be so good.

Goals for tomorrow:
record Antonio guitar
re-record backup vocals for 'ain't no phony'
play gameboy
do some experimenting!

p.s. I really want to start reading the Deathly Hallows... MUST RESIST.

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