So, I haven't been recording much but I have been getting ready to paint my gameboy. Took it all apart on Sunday, thoroughly washed it, lightly sanded the case with some 220 sandpaper, and then popped the screen out. Replacement screen protectors and a battery cover are in the mail and should arrive sometime this week. I also got a can of plastic-bonding "Fusion" spray paint, just satin white to paint the base coat as soon as there is a warmish day outside. Can't spray paint in the house, too fumy and too spray-ey. Here is a pic of the sanded, taken apart GB.

Oh yeah, I also bought a book about plot and plotting for stories. Hope that will help me get some ideas for some good stories, it seems like it is geared for novelists, but I am sure that it will apply to any story, whether it be short, children's books, comic strips, songwriting, or animated film. It has helped my storyline for "Mack the Elephant and Mr. Flea", so I'll keep reading it.

I was really tempted to buy Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows when I was at Barnes and Noble the other day, but managed to get away with only reading the dedication and one chapter title. I tossed it back on the shelf and scurried away to buy a hot chocolate, feeling guilty. Hopefully this will motivate me to record a bunch of vocals later this week for the Compost Shark album.
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