Gameboys and Gamegirls

Hey all!

I've been experimenting with making music on my gameboy, and its really fun to do on bus rides and things like that. I've been using programs called LSDJ and Nanoloop for Gameboy and Gameboy Advance, respectively. In my research I also found a really cool website (that almost 13,000 other people have also found!) where "chiptune" artists upload their songs for people to hear for free, and download, and comment on, and rate and all that stuff. So, I joined and uploaded a couple gameboy songs, and it's been fun to listen to lots of different people and what they can make their gameboys sing. If you like video game music, or retro synth sounds, or experimental music, I'd highly recommend checking it out, because mostly everybody on the site is nice, and some people are making really cool music on it.

My next gameboy song will feature my drum machine, and I really like how it is coming along so far! By clicking the title, you can check out my most recent song! (my artist name is "flimsy") Word.

Dave is also doing some awesome work on the Compost Shark album, this is going to be so awesome!!!

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