Last year I was a sexy wizard for Halloween. The year before that I was Han Solo. This year I was Link from The Legend of Zelda. As late as Friday I was considering being a ninja, because ninjas are cool. I wanted to have a sword and throwing stars, but I didn't want to buy black sweatpants. Brig had been working on her unicorn costume, and it was coming out really nice. This inspired me to put forth a little more effort. After spending a good chunk of Saturday working on things, I ended up with a sweet tunic, hat, bomb, rupee pouch, boomerang, magic potion bottle (filled with Red Cherry Brandy), sword and shielf. Oh yeah, I had heart containers too. No pictures of the whole costume, but here is a pic of a few items. REALLY proud of the shield and sword.

Today I just worked on a gameboy thing. I made a little plastic plate to engrave with a hot needle, fix to the back of the gameboy, and then paint. It took awhile to get the plate a perfect rectangle the right size. Probably an hour, total?

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