Plastic cement

Got some plastic cement, cemented the plate to the gameboy after roughing up the surfaces that touch eachother, then dumped all the rest of my plastic cement on the floor. Ran out of basement to avoid brain damage from inhaling fumes. I am okay. The Gameboy is okay. I have eleven total now, probably can save/fix 8 or 9 of them. A few are FUBAR, there is sometingting on the screens (not the screen protectors)... either ink, permanent marker, or broken LCD stuff. Lots of corrosion on some of the battery contacts, but I think I can remove it with sandpaper or something. OOH, I also got a sheet of 600 grit sandpaper for the final coat of paint before the clear shell.


Dafe said...

Sam! Careful with that ce-ment!

I had a friend, his time well spent
way out of sight in the basement
'til that day, I do lament
He spilt the tub of plastic cement

his feet they stuck straight to the floor
he cried for help, but alas the door
was bolted shut from the inside
no one could hear they words he cried

and then the fumes, oh lord the fumes
got to his brain and they consumed
each and every little grey cell
it was a horror straight from hell

and now my friend lay in a bed
not a single thought in his head
with just two stumps where feet once were
it's not a pretty sight, no sir

so listen close, and hear my plea
plastic cement can be deadly
but there lies fates worse than death
like being a footless vegetable

eh? eh.

Unknown said...

I survived! Thankyou for your cautionary poem, it saved my life.