Whoa, sorry for the lack of updates. We just got the internet in our apartment, so I've only had sporadic access for a couple months, but now that has all changed!

It's almost time! Do it! I don't really have a direction yet... but I do have a couple new instruments to play with, for example, Dave let me borrow his acoustic guitar, so it's the first time that I have a nice acoustic guitar to play, and I have my gameboys too. I am very excited about working with those. My hope is to make some rock songs that don't feel robot, or lame. No lame robot songs. Just some fun tunes, with fun sounds. Depending on how the songs start turning out, I might consider recording some of them in a REAL STUDIO! We'll see. That might be fun, but it depends on whether or not the studio I want to record at is finished. I think there is one moving into a renovated shop in Dover... but the last time I drove by they were still working on the soffets and the inside looked like there had been some demolition with no clean-up. And the poster advertising rates for RPM artists has not been up for at least a week. More updates to follow. Who else is doing the challenge this year?

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