Oh no.

Well, it happened.  I saved pretty much all recording for the RPM Challenge album until the last 36 hours.

At least 85% of the lyrics and music is written.  I think.  Also, I might have a bonus track!

As of right this second, I have no songs done.  If I had a twitter account, tomorrow might be a fun day to sit at the computer and observe my many updates.  Too bad twitter is laaaaame and that's not going to happen.  I am hopeful that my album will be decent, because I like the musical ideas I have come up with this year.  Putting a lot of work into the lyrics too, which is always the hardest part for me.

3 songs written completely with words and music. (The Visitors, What You Get, and Make It)
2 songs with all music done but more work needs to be done on lyrics (Tying Knots, and Conversation with a Pirahna).
2 with majority of lyrics completed, with music ideas mostly done. (If I Was Eddie Van Halen, Gazul the Possum Boy)
2 that need LOTS of work on lyrics, and music needs help. (Loser, and Don't Need Much to Rock)

Oh, whats that? You were counting? That's only 9 songs and you know that I can't write songs more than a minute and a half long?  Well, I am a lazy guy and always plan for a couple instrumental songs, so there.  Sorry to be rude.  Please, forgive me.

I think the catchiest song will be "The Visitors", the most heartfelt will be "Make It", the most likely to not make the final cut is "Gazul the Possum Boy".

Even if 9 of the songs are only one verse and have farting solos, I will be done by the end of tomorrow.

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