Ahhh.  So tired.  I've been working outside this week, and it has been COLD.  When I get home I just want to sleep.  I had the house to myself yesterday and I still didn't get any music done because I was so tired. Blah blah. Waaaah. Boo hoo. Excuse, reason for not writing anything.  The one thing I came up with was an idea to write a song about how I would do things differently if I was Eddie Van Halen.  This was partially inspired by my decision to send 9 of my gameboys to Oregon.  How is that related, you ask?  Well, time will tell, my friend.  Time will tell, sellers will sell, the Berlin wall fell?  My shoes smell.

But the weekend is coming!  And on this weekend, I shall... write music!  Yes, I will come up with at least 5 different song-pieces.  By song-pieces, I mean bits of different sounding music, and a couple words to go with each of them.  Or, I will lyric brainstorm a whole bunch.  We'll see.

Good bye old friends...
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