Exciting Opportunity!


I got a call a couple weeks ago from Ed Johnson.  Ed Johnson wanted to talk to me about my music!  I called Ed Johnson back a few days later, and he said he worked for a musician/artist representation company in New York and had listened to my music on SonicBids.  Ed's company is A&R Unlimited,  and they work with musicians and bands to do a number of things.  These things include but are not limited to, having people in the music industry listen to and critique your songs, getting in touch with people from record labels, and promoting your music with compilation cds and stuff.

It was pretty exciting talking to Ed because someone I had never met listened to some of my tunes and said nice things about them.  He was enthusiastic about my chances getting music into films and television, which was also exciting.  The only thing that really got me was that he said signing up was going to cost me $695 a year... which is just too much for me right now.  If I was in a better spot financially, and I had some better songs, I might have done it.

Ed said I could think about it for a day or so, and to call him back the next evening.  For a couple hours I thought I was going to do it.  My thoughts were that I could spend my whole life making music in my bedroom, sharing it with 6 people, playing one open mic night a year... or I could plunk down that chunk of change, and get my music heard by people who place it in movies, and then "If We Were Kitties" would be playing in Juno 2, and I'd be rich and play music for a living.  Then I realized I had to pay my taxes, and I'd like to re-record a lot of my songs because I know I can make them better.

So, it was really nice to talk with Ed, and the prospect was very exciting, but now is not the right time for me.  I need to spend some more time working on my music before I make that kind of financial commitment.  When I first got the call, I thought it was a scam, but I don't think that anymore.  It's a company that helps people get their music heard, and if you are serious and confident about your music, I think it could really make a difference in your career.  Maybe I'll call Ed back after I get some more songs under my belt.

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Dafe said...

Hey Sam!
That does sound exciting, but I thought biznisses like that were supposed to be paying you! Have you ever seen The Muppets Take Manhattan? Basically this same exact thing happens where they go meet a talent agent and he tries to swindle them out of their non-existent money! You should check it out or re-watch. You can stream it online at netflix. Also, we owe each other new albums. I have done lots of work in the past few weeks and stayed up last night remixing everything, I think it's almost done! Hopefully completed by tomorrow. I am pushing myself because I have a gig in a couple weeks and want to have something to sell.
Holy crap, this should've been an e-mail.
Have a good day!