New Instruments

So, I was really into gameboys for a bit.  I guess I still am.  I traded some of my collection plus a little cash for two AWESOME gameboys a while ago, and used them on my 2010 RPM album.  They are both custom painted like Eddie Van Halen's guitar (but painted to look like brushed aluminum), one has a half-speed clock switch on it (for really low notes), and they both have additional sound jacks installed so the output is clearer.

But now I have recently become very insterested in old Casio keyboards that have been "circuit bent".  If you haven't heard about this, you should check it out.  Here is a video of a musician who has circuit bent his Casio SK-5 and painted it to make it a whole new instrument.  Pretty impressive stuff.

And then I do some more research and find out that the guy who made the soundtrack for the movie "You, Me and Everyone We Know" relied heavily on a circuit bent SK-1!

So, I want to get one. I'll keep you updated.

My next music plans are to re-work some of No-Plan Hombre and try to make that into a solid, nice-sounding little E.P. Any suggestions?

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