Weee! New instruments!

My moms gave me sum dough fors my birfday to go towards music stuffs, and that combined with a couple ebay giftcards made it possible for me to get two keyboards!  Both circuit-bent, one is totally awesome and the other is alright.  The totally awesome one is a Casio SK-1, bent by the guy at benstruments.com.  You can see it by clicking here.  It is really fun to play with, and it functions as an untouched SK-1 as long as no switches are flicked.  You can change up the pre-programmed drum beats with a couple switches, and there is a neat little opto-theremin thing that changed the pitch depending on how close your hand is to it.  There are also a bunch of other switches that change the sound into crazy noise and glitchy beeps.  I like it a lot and can't wait to record some stuff with it!

The other one I got is a Casio SK-5 bent by some guy named "Westicle".  This one isn't as cool, its only got two knobs, one of which does something weird to the battery.  I asked about it and it is called a "battery starve" knob, and it doesn't do anything except allow you to turn the keyboard on.  If it isn't in the right position, you can't turn it on.  Why is that there?  I don't know.  It also doesn't seem to work right unless there are brand new batteries in it.  I take the same batteries from the SK-1 and pop them in... and it doesn't sound right.  It was working a couple of days ago, but now I am considering opening it up, and removing the modifications.  We'll see.  My next plan is to get an AC adapter so I stop running through batteries.

Learned how to play "Party in the USA" on the guitar today.  Woo Hannah Montana!

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