Sorry, lack of updates.  I apologize Dave!  hehe.  Well, I never really worked on that project so I might as well tell you what it is.  I thought it would be a really cool sound to remix Van Halen songs.  Diamond Dave era of course, because anything else isn't really Van Halen.  I wanted to have gameboy music and guitars and hip hop big drum beats and DLR samples of his really funny stuff (OOoooh la LA!; Reach down, between my legs... ease the seat back) with awesome Van Halen harmonies and also some of Eddie's guitar work on top.  Not so much remixing, but taking away some parts, emphasizing the drums, and the awesome parts (EVH guitar licks, Dave's squeeks and swagger), and adding bleeps and bloops.  Imagine this: http://8bc.org/music/hpizzle/Jump+%28Van+Halen+Cover%29/ mixed with this: http://8bc.org/music/PizzaPastaTime/Baking+in+Eggs/ , and this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8kxqMpGAL3I.  Basically, it's out of my league.  I would be forever grateful if HPizzle (wicked awesome), Pizzapastatime (a visionary), someone who could shred, and with someone who could sing, would collaborate and remake these songs:
Everybody Wants Some, Ice Cream Man, Hot For Teacher, Panama, And The Cradle Will Rock, and Ain't Talkin' Bout Love.  And maybe Dance the Night Away, Unchained, and OH MY GOD I FORGOT MEAN STREET.  Mean Street.  Just make it Mean Street, Hot For Teacher, and Panama.  That's all I need.  Thanks guys, 'preciate it.

Hm... let's see.  What's going on?  Dave and I are working on a split EP, which according to our correspondance isn't going all that well.  We have titles.  I came up with some lyrics that suck.  Dave said he isn't doing much better, but he probably secretly has an opus in the works.  I just know it.  I am going to contribute something like "Girls and Beer" and he'll come in with a "Mike Dashnaw Loves Riding His Bike".  He ALWAYS does that!

I suppose I should be concentrating my efforts and time on finishing my parts on the Compost Shark album, since that is now over 2 years in the making... which is far too long.  Okay, I'll update soon hopefully with some progress on something.  Thanks for reading!

Oh wait, in NEWs, I got a job! And I'll be moving back to Boston-ish.  Soon, hopefully, as I've already started working in Boston.  I am also setting the goal of busking in the subway once a week, which at the moment seems a little lofty, but possibly only because I have never busked before, haven't played ANY music in front of anyone besides Britches in almost 2 years (has it really been that long? No, I am forgetting the Dave/Sam open mic night in CO Springs a year and couple of months ago), and also am on my 3rd glass of 8.5% Belgian Style Ale.  Thanks for reading this too.  Here's to your patience, my alcohol, and everyone else's other stuff! Blahrag!

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