Long time no update.  Sorry Dave!  Well, 2011 RPM is already done.  The listening party is tomorrow, and my song, "time warp" will be playing at Foobar in Portsmouth, NH between 8:15 PM and 9:00 PM tomorrow (March 26th).  I thought I'd be able to make it, but I have a prior commitment to hang out with some of my cousins.  I'll just have to leave the RPM party after the opening celebration, which is okay.

I thought my RPM album this year was better than last year, but there are still some things I want to rework and rewrite and rerecord.  I'll get to that... sometime.  Right now I am making a music video for Dave Richardson.  The song is called "Sally Sea Anemone", it is a fantastic little folky pop song, and it is very fun.  I am trying my hand at paper cut-out animation, and we'll see how it goes.  I've got the opening titles done, and it's been fun imagining different scenes I want to make.  Any suggestions?  You can listen to the song at Dave's RPM page, which is here: http://DavidRichardson.rpmchallenge.com/

Oh yeah, my RPM album is here: http://samuelmulligan.rpmchallenge.com/


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