Cat on computer case

Hey all,

My cat is sleeping on my computer case.

Here is a picture that recently surfaced (thanks to Rob from Cathode Rays) of when I played at Geekbeat Radio's takeover of the Boston Local Music Show on Unregular Radio back in August:
Thanks Rob!

This past Thursday I played a song at Malden Access TV's Annual Celebration at the Malden Senior Center. It was a little awkward having that much stage all to myself, and being able to see everybody because the house lights were on, but still fun. I think they got it on tape, so you will be able to see me confusingly try to redirect people (who thought I had urged them to applaud) to clap along to the beat in the middle of the song, with varying rates of success. C'mon guys, I'd never shamelessly attempt to solicit applause! What kind of narcissistic jerk do you think I am?  ...Oh, that kind. Yeah, you're right.

Moving right along, don't forget to get your tickets to see me, Peelander-Z, Electric Eel Shock, and Math the Band for the Middle East Upstairs show on October 10th, because it's the last show I have scheduled for a while! See you there?


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