Recording in Maine

Hey yo, the show at the Mid East Up was awesome! I'm feeling so honored to have shared the stage with Math The Band, Electric Eel Shock, and Peelander-Z - they all played incredibly fun, high-energy sets and Mark from the Middle East was turning knobs on the soundboard making sure it all sounded perfect and LOUD. Thanks to all my friends and new friends for coming to the show, and thanks to the Middle East and Clay for having me, and putting together a sweet line-up! Let's do that again! If you want to see pictures of the whole show, Rich from the Boston Bastard Brigade captured the magic with his photo-taking-device and they are all posted on the B3 facebook page. Thanks Rich! Here are the pics!

A few things people told me about my set that I'd like to share with you: "That was the loudest I've ever heard a gameboy... and it was AWESOME", and "You had some commendable eyebrow-work up there!" It seems that I have set my current record for both Loudest-I've-Gotten-People-To-Listen-To-A-Gameboy and Most-'Cat-In-The-Hat'-Paper-Hats-Autographed! Three!

If you got one of the hand-numbered limited edition split-singles of "One Of Those Guys/Looking For Sasquatch", consider yourself lucky because I won't be making any more of those. Don't worry though, right now I am holed up in Maine for a few days and hope to finish recording the rest of my EP, so if you missed out you should be hearing those songs soon! I won't set a date yet, but I'll work hard to get it done as soon as I can. I guess that's it for now, I'll post some updates on the recording process if anybody is interested. Just let me know here in the comments, or on facebook/twitter/whateverman!


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