It is my pleasure to introduce to you my EP, "Big Hand Band Van Man"! After working on these songs for what seems like forever, recording since May, and playing them live for most of the year, it's finally done. The plan is to have some limited edition super special physical CDs available sometime next week, and the online release is going to be "Pay What You Want", starting at $0 for at least the first week, so make sure you get it now! I hope you enjoy it, and please share it with your friends if you think they'll like it too!


Also, I'll be playing all these songs and a few more to celebrate at PA's Lounge on January 25th to celebrate with my friends Dave Richardson, Steve Subrizi, and Diamond Machine! Dave's album comes out today to, so check it out at http://dave-richardson.bandcamp.com/.

Here's the info for the PA's show:

Here are some additional details:

The first version of "Looking For Sasquatch" was recorded mainly on May 19, 2012 and was a revision of a song I started in the 2010 RPM Challenge, called "Tying Knots".

"One Of Those Guys" starts with a sample from the original recording and was one of the first songs I wrote for the RPM Challenge in 2009. The lyrics have stayed the same, but the first version was acoustic guitar, shaker, and a MRT-3 drum machine.

This was the first time I've recorded an album entirely on a computer, my Tascam 424 and 788 Portastudios currently being used by friends.

"Wasted Talent" is the only song that was not originally written as part of an RPM Challenge album, and has gone through multiple revisions, and was co-written by Rob Lynch of Cathode Rays. There were at least 6 different versions of the line, "Where's the encore?", not including multiple tracks of group-style vocals. The ending of the song also used to be instrumental and much longer, and meandered through a repetitive bassline and dissonant guitar noodling.

What else do you want to know? Feel free to ask!

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