Time Warp

The final show of Seaking's Seaglass was super fun. I got to hang out with James from Br1ght Pr1mate, ABSRDST, Arctic Metal, and Eric, and we ate pizza and joked around and we all got to play some songs - I played this one:

Then, on May 9, I was the featured performer at the Malden Arts Salon at Malden Access Television. It was a packed room, and it was essentially an episode of "Sam Mulligan: Storytellers". Not many of the people there had heard of chip music so I explained how I made music on a gameboy, and also talked about some of the stories the inspired my songs, and my approach to writing music. It was pretty radicool, and now I'm just getting psyched to go see Anamanaguchi in Cambridge on the 18th. IT'S GONNA BE THE RADDEST. IT'S GONNA BE THE RADISH. Who else is going?

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