Pulsewave! Boston8bit! Shirts!

OMG the Pulsewave and Boston8bit shows were awesome. Can every weekend be like that, please?

First off I gotta say everybody who played at both Pulsewave and the show at the Middle East Upstairs was incredible. Cooshinator and Arcade High in NYC were so good (here is Coosh's set which is PROOF: (https://soundcloud.com/cooshinator/pulsewave01). Dan from Clipstream was on site and ON POINT, streaming the show for people from away, THANKS DAN! Back in Cambridge I got to play with my frandz, Spunky Brewster, Cathode Rays, Bright Primate, DJ Cutman, and 8bit bEtty! Thanks Dannel and Jenn for bringing me to Brooklyn, and thanks to James and Lydia for having me at the Middle East!

Talented photograhers and all around wonderful people EMi Spicer (http://uglymachine.net/) and Marjorie Becker (http://www.chiptography.com/) captured all of Pulsewave, and you can see the photos on their respective websites and these links:
Photos by EMi: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10152131608363961.1073741832.23966828960&type=1
Photos by Marjorie: http://www.flickr.com/photos/m_becker/sets/72157641398666165/

I slept a lot on buses, drank a lot of coffee, and also met two lovely kittyfriends named Henry and Noodle!

Thanks to everyone who has been buying the brand new 'OMG Shark Party' shirts! If you don't have one yet and you want one, check out this link: http://sammulligan.bandcamp.com/merch/omg-shark-party-t-shirt

PIctures of Sam Mulligan 'Shark Party' t-shirts!

Thanks for ruling, you wonderful people you.

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