Lil update/PAX East

Hey there!

Let's be real. It's been awhile since my last EP, Big Hand Band Van Man, came out. Chances are, if you've seen me play a show in the past few years you've heard songs that aren't on it. Shark Party, anyone? Yeah. I've been hemmin' and hawin' about what songs I want to record for my next "thing", writing new songs too, and things are starting to come together. Other things are kinda falling apart and turning into more focused, and what I perceive to be, better things. But things are coming! Collaborations, singles, and a new EP. Soon-ish. (I have projected release dates for some things, but I'm keeping that to myself for now. Sorryyy!)

You may have also noticed that I haven't played any shows since December 30, 2015. I assure you, I'm not retired! More 'Sam Mulligan' music is on the way, and I'm excited to announce that I'll be returning to play at PAX East in Boston this April 23rd, in the MAGfest Jamspace! I'm teaming up with MC Facepalm to bring you 35 minutes of absolute joy. I'm hoping to share a few new things, and have some fun with y'all ("Y'all" being all of you beautiful, lucky people that snagged a badge before PAX sold out)! For more details, click here!

So, that's just a quick update, more details coming and I'll share a little bit about some of the other musical projects I've been working on soon! Thanks for, y'know, everything.

You rock,

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