Oh, THERE you are! Hi, you!

I had a bunch of fun shows in the past couple months, thanks to everyone who has made the effort to be there! I discovered I really love playing house shows after playing an acoustic set in Arlington, and another one in Rhode Island with Draco and the Malfoys (and lots of other amazing performers), so if you have any interest in me playing a concert at your house please contact me and we'll chat about it!

Bit Bar Salem was pretty dope too, lots of arcade games, and even more wonderful people who were ready to rock. AND THEY HAVE BURGERS ON DONUTS. That's really all you need.

It's the busy season for me, I just finished recording a new song for Halloween that will be on the newest Chiptunes = WIN compilation (I'm hosting the listening party too!), and I'm getting ready for a super spooky show at ONCE in Somerville, opening up for (T-T)b, and Triheart. Details for that are riiiiight here.

After that I'm playing with the Electric Street Queens at Zuzu on Halloween proper! We just put out a music video for the first single from our soon-to-be-released album, check it out! I'm the guy playing the red guitar, and the janitor too!

That's it for now, more soon!
Thanks for being you,

p.s. oh yeah, if you need more video, I live-streamed the recording of a demo for a podcast theme song I'm working on a week or so ago!

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