Pre-order Shark Party!

Hi! I am very excited to announce that my new album, Shark Party, will be available on April 6, 2018! Pre-orders are live right now!

"What do I get for pre-ordering? What's in it for me?", you might have just scoffed at your web browser. Well, fear not, I will answer both of those questions in the next paragraph.

When you pre-order "Shark Party" you get an immediate download (and streaming capability if you have the bandcamp app on your listening device) of the song, "Shark Party"! ALSO, a portion of your pre-order is donated to Project AWARE. Specifically, $1 if you pre-order the digital download, and $2 if you pre-order the limited edition tape cassette.

Project AWARE does lots of cool stuff! This is a blurb from their website:

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