Shark Party!

It's out! "Shark Party" is in the wild! You can listen on Spotify (please add to your playlists!), Apple Music, many other streaming services, and on bandcamp! If you want a tape cassette, you should act now - it's a very limited edition and they are beautiful. Tinted blue cassette shells, silver ink on the cassette, excellent album art by Joshua Porterfield, rad lettering by Coco Roy, and the tapes were manufactured by Cryptic Carousel in Brooklyn, NY. They came out great!

Unboxing video here:

And you can here what my pals at Chilicheesevlog thought about the album here:

And read what Adam Seats thought about the album here:

And you can get some historically accurate info about me from this interview with Brandon Hood from Chiptunes=WIN!

That's all for now! I got some great shows coming up, May 21 at the Midway Cafe in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts, and August 1st at ONCE in Somerville, Massachusetts! I'd love to play in your town too... get in touch if you want to make that happen!
<3 p="">-Scram

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