I love MAGfest and I love you

Wow. MAGfest 2019 was incredible. I can't thank everyone who helped put on that show enough. Big shout out to the Donut Slayers - Adam, darmock, Stemage - y'all killed it. Endless thanks to all the guests - Sasquatch, Kyle Gaddo, Solarbear, Skip Henry, Joe C, Kris H, and the entirety of Steel Samurai - you are amazing. Infinite super high fives to Justin T and Dan S and all of MAGfest staff who captured it and elevated it to new levels of awesomeness - you rule. Much love to Brandon, Erin, Curtis, Glenn, and Geekbeat for always rooting for me and helping us get to this point. And to everyone in the audience, both IRL and URL - thank you for being a part of it, I love you.

If you haven't seen it, please consider checking it out. The most consistent feedback I got was that it was "too much fun", so I hope it puts a smile on your face when you need it most. Here is the whole show, and I'll continue to upload the individual songs to a playlist on my YouTube channel.


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