Just a dude who plays fun rock songs with a gameboy and guitar.

"Sounds like 1992-era Weezer, fronted by the baby of The Presidents of the USA and Les Claypool."
-Carl Peczynski

Sam Mulligan has been playing his particular brand of lyrical/comedy/chiptune/rock music live since May 2012 and has shared the stage with Peelander-Z, Math The Band, Mega Ran, Br1ght Pr1mate, The World Is Square, Danimal Cannon, Draco and the Malfoys, Radlib, and Cathode Rays. Sam has also performed at multiple PAX East and MAGfest events, and most recently played with a full band, Sam Mulligan And The Donut Slayers, at MAGfest 2019.


EP "Sam Mulligan And The Donut Slayers", December 2018

LP - "Sam Mulligan - Shark Party", April 2018
The ChipWIN-tern Spotlight , Chilicheesevlog - "Field Testing"

LP - "Compost Shark - Compost Shark", December 2013

EP - "Sam Mulligan - Big Hand Band Van Man", January 2013 The first review of "Big Hand Band Van Man" - Metronome Magazine, Sept. 2013 Issue

Single - "In Heaven There Is No Beer?!" - November 2012

Single - "Looking For Sasquatch" - July 2012

Sam's been writing and performing weird music for over 18 years. It all started with the folk-punk-strange band Compost Shark, with Dave Richardson, back in 1998. After creating two albums of bizarre anti-folk/experimental music (Guppy Farm, and ROCK!), Compost Shark went to school, and thus, on hiatus. Sam relocated to Vermont and went on to perform by himself at many open mic nights under the name, "SamSam, the man so nice they named him twice". This was just a warm up for his next band, My Kids Are Jerks, with Dan Sachs (drums) and Justin Tougas (guitar). After playing a bunch of shows and releasing the album, "Love Is A Weapon", they promptly disbanded, which, in retrospect, was probably a bad career move. Sam moved to Boston and joined The Oh! My Gods, to play bass guitar and sing back-up vocals with band members Mike, Abe, Ron, and later, Rob. History repeats itself, and again coinciding with the completion of their first album, The Oh! My Gods disbanded, and Sam took a break from performing music for 4 years. Sam has played shows in cities from Atlanta, Georgia to Madison, Wisconsin, and performs regularly in Massachusetts.

Sam also hosts listening parties on his Twitch channel at www.twitch.tv/heyscram.

For booking (and any other type of) inquiries, please contact Sam immediately. DO NOT DELAY!